Animal Farm Activities for Adults and Children


Animal Handling Sessions- one hour sessions - with our hamsters, gerbils, degus, dumbo rats, guiena pigs, chinchilla, and rabbits - £20.00 per person.

Snake handling and reptile handling sessions - one hour - with our snakes, and reptiles.

£20.00 per person

Animal Ranger Days - 4.5 hours - £35.00 - during school holidays for children aged 8 years - 16years

Farm Visits - 2 hour personal  farm visit  - with Ranger includes animal handling, snake handling and reptile handling, goat grooming/walking, alpaca and llama feeding.

£45.00 1 adult and child

Goat Walking - 45 minutes - £25.00 per person (max 4 people people)

Get up close and personal with our goats, brush and walk them and interact with them.

Please book online

Gift Vouchers are available, please email above to order