Coco the pony 
Would you like to work with animals, we can offer you work experience on our farm which host a variety of animals big and small.
Its a good opportuntiy if you are looking to work with animals in the future, have spare time on your hands, or need some work experience for your CV.

Duties involve animal grooming, field cleaning, cage cleaning, egg collecting, goat walking, chopping food, feeding the animals. 

You will learn how to hold the animals and learn all about them. 

You will also learn how to present them to young children who come with their parents for an animal handling experience. 

Eric king of castle 
 two rabbits eat together2

Suitable for young people 18 years upwards

Must have a love of animals and be willing to get your hands dirty.

We have lots of animals on the farm to work with
Alpacos, Llamas, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Shetland Ponies, Horses, Rabbits, Guiena Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas, Degus Snakes, Ducks, Hamsters, Gerbils, Spiders.
 The bird
If you would like to work with us please email us and tell us a little about yourself.